MO Alliance strives to become the largest pool of certified welders in Europe.


With an average of around 200 (certified) welders working with MO Alliance, we are well on the way to become the largest pool for welders in Europe. You can also say that we are good at mediating for your future career as a welder. We would like to welcome even more welders at our club. Below you can read briefly what we can do for you as a welder.

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Interesting clients! Big names in Belgium and from all over Europe lend welders with us. That is why we know how to find suitable, challenging assignments for you in your expertise. We pay well and your salary is guaranteed to be deposited every week. Self-employed people are also welcome to work through us. After sending your invoice, it will be paid as soon as possible. MO Alliance is not an average technical employment agency. We strive to do that extra bit for you, so that you will continue to work for us! Below you can find all current vacancies in the field of welding.

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MO Alliance works together with an external certification center where you as a welder can test your capabilities and obtain certificates. At the test center, we can test all welders for their competence before they go to work for our clients. Partly because of this, we have built a great confidence with our clients. We strive to keep our quality high. With your registration you can therefore be asked to carry out a small welding task.


If you work for MO Alliance, we manage your welding certificates and ensure that they are re-validated on time at the client. You do not have to look at this yourself anymore. In addition, we can arrange extra certifications for you, in the event of proven suitability and in consultation with the client.


From welding hood to coveralls, from welding boots to monk caps. We provide all personal protective equipment that you need as a welder. You receive a number of items as a welder for free and a few for a small fee. We have arranged almost all supplies or sizes for you.


If you are from outside Belgium, MO Alliance offers the possibility to use a company home for the duration of your contract. These are fully furnished homes close to the location of your workplace. You share the property with fellow welders. In the future there will also be a hostess who will take care of the laundry, cleaning and the meals. MO Alliance not only wants its associates to feel good in their workplace but also feel at home while away from home.