Qualification center

Qualification center

MO Alliance test new employees through external qualification center.


In order to guarantee the quality of all technical specialists already in our service, they are individually tested at an independent external qualification center. All tests are taken under the auspices of Veritas.

Upon qualification, the new employee receives his certificate which is valid for 3 years. MO Alliance keeps these certificates up to date and tracks them up so that the certificates are ‘stamped through’ on time by the client. This must happen every 6 months. By this method the employee protects that his certificates remain valid and the client is advised that he or she hires a qualified technical specialist with valid certification.

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ISO 9606-1:2013 Norm

With the iso 9606-1: 2013 norm many changes in the welding world.

ISO 9606-1: 2013, the successor to EN 287-1. This replacement brings with it a lot of ambiguities, especially in the transition phase. The reason this replacement is so important lies in the fact that the set-up explicitly looked at the requirements set by competing standards, such as ASME and AWS.

The largest changes shortly appointed:
– base material becomes welding additive material
– the introduction of fm groups (filler material)
– new welding details gb, fb and ci
– welding positions instead of test positions for the validity area
– renewal rules become broader and material transfer has become an important variable

Equipment Knowledge

If you hire a welder with MO Alliance, you want to know if the candidate knows how to handle the equipment and deliver high quality results. For this we test whether the candidate knows, for example, how the ratio of the wire speed to the voltage is, which settings are used for which material etc. Which gases are current for the material to be welded, the flow of the gas etc.

Read technical drawings

The external qualification center checks whether the candidate is able to correctly interpret a technical drawing and convert it into the desired project. For example, the welders/assemblers are tested whether they can work from a WPS file and again with the other functions such as: pipe fitter or construction bench workers, we test whether they can understand and execute the working drawings.


Does the candidate have sufficient theoretical knowledge for the project to be carried out? Can he / she work independently, is he/she sufficiently aware of the required theory knowledge? The external qualification center tests whether this knowledge is sufficiently available or whether there is still some additional training to take place.


For MO Alliance is quality primary. You as a client want a no-nonsense policy and MO Alliance must be able to trust that the quality of the offered candidates is qualified and of a high level of expertise. As a client you ask for a certain profile that knows his profession and help your company to deliver successful projects. MO Alliance strives for 100% satisfied clients and employees.