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What can MO Alliance do for you?

We are a technical employment agency that is there for its employees. On this page you will find all information about working with MO Alliance.

– In which sectors are we active?
– How does applying at MO Alliance work?
– Where can I find more information about the required VCA Diploma?
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Possession of a VCA diploma

If you want to work for MO Alliance, it is important that you are in possession of a VCA diploma. If you are not already in possession of this diploma, you can take a test exam here. If you have sufficient knowledge for the VCA Examination, you can register with an accredited training facility to take the exam.

Pay attention! It is important that you take the exam at a recognized VCA examination agency so that you are sure that your VCA Diploma is registered into the VCA database.

Benefits of MO Alliance

From welding hood to coveralls, from welding boots to monkshood. We take care of all Personal Protection Materials that you need. You receive a few items for free from us and some for a small fee. We have arranged all supplies or sizes for you.

We manage your welding certificates during your work and ensure that they are stamped re-validated on time with the client. You do not have to look at this yourself anymore. In addition, we can arrange extra certifications for you if proved suitable.

MO Alliance collaborates with an external and recognized welding test centre. Here, all welders are tested for their welding capabilities, quality and, if necessary, certified before they go to our clients. Partly because of this, we have great confidence in building our clients. We strive to keep our quality high. When you register as a welder you may be asked to weld a piece.

Self-employed people are also welcome to be mediated. We then outsource the work to you. We guarantee a prompt payment. MO Alliance is not an average employment agency. We strive to do that extra bit for you, so that you will continue to work for us!

At MO Alliance we are happy to help you with this. In order to offer everyone equal opportunities, we will adjust your CV if necessary. So that this does not get in the way of your way to work. You can also create a standard CV via our ‘Online CV wizard’ (link to application form)

Working at MO Alliance is good for your career. If you require extra certifications and training for certain functions, we can arrange this for you in consultation with the client.

If you do not have a car temporarily, but are available for work, MO Alliance makes a small car available in exchange for a small fee so that you can work for us.

MO Alliance Sectors

In which sectors is MO Alliance active

Maritime & Shipyard
Are you looking for a job in Maritime or Shipyards? Then at MO Alliance you are at the best address. Both Onshore and Offshore, in the Netherlands, Belgium and Scandinavia, our employees work as Dredgers, Pipe Fitter, Welder, Mechanic, Planner, Supervisor, CAD Designer, Machine Worker, Sharpener, Hydraulic Fitters, Sheet Metal Workers etc.

In petrochemicals we always need candidates such as; Production staff, Fault technicians, Mechanics, Mechanical engineers, Maintenance engineers, QC managers, Project managers, Wrench workers, Flange fitters, Pipe Fitters, TIG-welders, Ground workers, Construction workers etc.

Food & Non-Food
The food industry is a growing sector. More and more companies in the food industry & bio-industry are placing high quality standards on the production units. In this sector we are always looking for Project Managers, TIG welders, construction workers, metal workers, etc.

In order to provide support to construction companies, we regularly search for: Masons, Plastering, Construction cleaners, Construction assistants, Concrete fitters, Carpenters and Groundwork é Surfacing.

Metal & Heavy construction
We are very active within the metal & heavy construction regularly we look for the following functions: Welders, Hardware Workers, Lathe & Milling Workers, Grinders, Pipe Fitters, Hydraulic Fitters, Crane Operators, Construction Workers, etc.


Are you curieus whether you’re acceptted for one of the actual vacancies?
Then fill in the ‘quick cv check’ form. Send your cv and any certificates, so that our account managers can inform you as comperhansive as possible about the possibilities for a career at MO Alliance.