Application process

Application process

How does applying for MO Alliance work, information about looking for work, work and pay, your first day and of course the first intake.


First of all, you have a personal intake so that we get to know you and we get an good understanding of your qualities. We also look at whether we can contribute to growth for your career.


Your personal account manager starts working for you and looks for a suitable employer. He or she consults with a possible job if you are interested and links this back to the client.

First day

Your personal account manager will send you the agreement and ensure that all your papers are in order so that you can start on your first day without problems. When you have arrived at your new job, you must report to the supervisor.

Work and reward

After a hard week of work, you obviously want to see something in return. When you hand in your work sheets on time, we pay the salary every week. Our administration likes to keep its reputation high to reward everyone on time.