Broadcasting is the provision of our employees to the client. This is done on a flexible basis at a pre-agreed rate. The number of hours per week is flexible, just like the duration of the work. This in combination with good quality and motivated employees makes it easy for you to respond to the work pressure within your company. If you want to deploy one or more employees, you can contact us directly.


If you want to make appointments that go beyond sending, we advise you our secondment formula. Secondment offers more security than temporary employment. With secondment, we provide an employee with the duration, number of hours and compensation in advance. In addition, agreements such as a non-competition clause, notice period and quality guarantees can be made. Advantage of secondment is the exact alignment to your wishes. If you are interested in our secondment formula, you can contact us directly.


Do you have an open vacancy and are you looking for a new employee, whom you would like to take on a permanent job? Then you can use our recruiting & selecting service. On the basis of the profile you provide us, we ensure the recruitment of the suitable employee. We search within our own workforce, advertise through advertisements and within our relationship network to the right employee. Recruitment and selection can be combined with a temporary or secondment formula. For example, by first lending and assessing an employee as a temporary employee, after which you can take the employee on a permanent job. Which strategy is preferable depends entirely on the situation. We are happy to advise you. If you want more information about this service, you can contact us directly.


If you want to recruit and select staff yourself, but you feel nothing for the administrative burden? Even then we can do something for you. You only take care of submitting the labor files (such as a color copy of a passport, a wage tax declaration, etc.) and we take care of the total payroll administration. Van Roosendaal technical employment agency is the formal employer and you are the hirer. The risks are entirely with us. If you want more information about our payroll service, you can contact us directly.