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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have unanswered questions? You can find answer to many of your questions here.

Still have unasnwered questions? Please phone +32 495 32 33 83 or by e-mail. You can also complete the below contact form.

You can register by contacting us via the contact form below or by mail / telephone. One of our employees will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your registration. Your details will be recorded and you will be invited for an interview at our office to complete your registration.

A remuneration scheme has been included in the Collective Labor Agreement for Temporary Employees. To determine what your salary is, first look at the job group you are in. This is determined on the basis of three job characteristics: the type of work you do, the knowledge, experience and skills you need for it, and the degree of independence in which you work. If you are remunerated on the basis of the Recipient’s remuneration *, the reward of the hirer’s collective labor agreement ** will be examined. * Hirer’s remuneration: in accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement at the company where you work, you will be determined how you will be rewarded. We look at the salary, surcharges, increases, expense allowances and periodicals that apply to the company you are working for. ** Contractor: the company where you will work via MO Alliance.

– For Associates: If you have submitted your Time-Sheet signed by the client before Tuesday at noon, you will be paid weekly on Friday.
– For the Self-Employed: If you have submitted the invoice for Thursday afternoon 12 o’clock, you will be paid on the following Monday. With taking in account to the agreed payment term.

The minimum wage is determined through the CAO (Collective Labor Agreement). For the recent rates, please refer to the website of the FOD (Federal Government of Finance). However, the salaries are determined during the contract negotiations. The minimum wage that MO Alliance pays out will always be higher than the statutory minimum wage. We strive for satisfied associates.

There is a legal scale for travel allowances. MO Alliance is therefore obliged to reimburse your travel costs, these are billed to the client. Some companies give their employees a standard travel allowance. Other companies reimburse the costs of bus, train and tram. If you travel by public transport, you must return the original travel documents. We can not pay out without original travel tickets. In some cases there is also a loan car available. This can all be discussed at the conclusion of a contract.

Our associates are paid on a weekly basis. For this we also invoice our clients weekly. You want to hear satisfied technical specialists so they are also kept happy. Since the standard in the construction industry is paid weekly, we also want to apply this rule to our clients. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

– If you want to sign up, you need the following
– A valid proof of identity (passport or ID card, no driving license and any residence document)
– A Curriculum Vitae (cv)
– Certificates (Welding certificates, VCA etc.)
– Possibly diplomas or certificates
– If you are not resident in the Netherlands, please bring your documents from your health insurance in the country where you live and are taxable.

Contact our employees and the client by telephone before 8:30 in the morning. If you report the sickness after this time, we will no longer be able to handle your sickness report. You must also submit a doctor’s certificate. You can send this by email on the day of registration and deliver the original to our office.

Pass this on to our office and register again with your client.

At MO Alliance we always do our best to satisfy everyone, but something can always go wrong. We are, after all, all people, but we would find it annoying if we can not solve this. You can contact us by mail, regarding Complaint against MO Alliance, but of course we also would like to speak to you by telephone and on appointment for a personal conversation.

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You can also complete the below contact form to contact us.